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New E-Book, Courting The Employ(H)er, Teaches Salespersons How To Court Prospects, Change The Way They Attract Business

Business-To-Business Book Shows How Love and Stars Align in Relationship Building, Developed for Health Insurance, Property & Casualty Marketplace.

Pittsburgh – May 1st, 2015 – Marlin D. Woods, CEO and founder of Benefits Plus, LLC, today announces his new e-book, Courting The Employ(H)er – the manual for business-to-business sales consultants seeking to understand prospect disposition – will be available via Amazon and

“Employers are like women, and what an employer wants in a broker or consultant is very similar to what a woman wants in an interested suitor,” said Mr. Woods. “The book quickly and easily helps show you how to successfully build a long lasting professional relationship by approaching a client as a man would approach a woman.”

Pieter van Hoeven, partner of TFG Partners, LLC, says Woods’ work captures the essence of building a successful business by going back to the basics. “Focusing on trust, clear communication of your services, and why you offer better value is critical to how a successful relationship works.”

Woods’ Courting The Employ(H)er takes the reader on a journey – revealing the parallel between courting a single woman and prospecting an employer as a potential business client.

Woods draws on personal experiences with both courting women (as once a single man who is now happily married) and prospecting new clients as a business professional and examines the interesting parallels undeniable similarities between the two.

According to Courting the Employ(H)er before a man can even think of approaching a woman, whether it is at a wedding, in a nightclub, or at church, he is dead in the water unless he first, “has it together.”

Having it together is the reality of a suitor who possesses the understanding that a quality woman expects certain things before she’ll even give him the time of day. Most men automatically assume this means he is supposed to be rich. Not necessarily true.

What he must have is structure: good manners, a pleasant attitude, confidence, a well-groomed appearance, a level of intelligence, as well as financial responsibility.

Woods draws parallels with business prospects. “Having it together in your business means building your practice on the foundation of purpose, talent, motivation, and integrity before approaching the employer,” he says.

The easy-to-read book walks the reader through the typical courtship in bite-sized chapters, including:

Chapter 1: Having It Together
Chapter 2: The Approach
Chapter 3: The First Date
Chapter 4: The Kiss
Chapter 5: Courtship Stage
Chapter 6: A Bended Knee
Chapter 7: The Marriage Commitment
Chapter 8: Growing The Family

According to Justin Leader, Vice President of business development, Special Risk Insurance Service, Inc., Courting the Employ(H)er is a testament to new age salesmanship. “Marlin does an excellent job in proving that business relationship are moving away from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’, experience,” he said.

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